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Success Stories
Big thanks to all the crowdfunding founders and innovators for coming up with amazing projects. It’s a pleasure to work with you and help you succeed with PR and marketing.
The social media outreach and press release worked like magic for increasing the visibility for our crowdfunding. We couldn't believe our eyes once the results started coming in. Thank you RonStone!!

- Sofia Alonso

Amazing efficiency! We had a team meeting on Friday noon and realized we really need marketing support otherwise we're going to miss our campaign's target. Hesitantly bought the starter plan. By next week's Tuesday the results spoke for themselves :) It was an easy unanimous decision to continue with the full service offering. Thank you guys!

- David Walsh

511% completion of our campaign's target. I can honestly say that I didn't think it is possible :) Appreciate your help team RonStone!

- Alexander Noah
Our secret formula for success?

Unrivaled passion for results mixed with extensive know-how and skills aquired from thousands of successful crowdfunding campaigns.
So glad we found RonStone! We tried 2 other agencies before, but both failed to deliver what they promised. RonStone on the other hand helped our 2nd Kickstarter campaign achieve 342% of our pledges goal. Definitely coming back!

- Tanya Ridley

Such a pleasure to work with a friendly bunch of professionals! Starting from the first interaction, it was clear that RonStone's team goes above and beyond to accomodate our campaign's needs and goals.

- Alfred Peterson

Found RonStone to have really affordable pricing. The 599€ professional plan got me 187 new pledges. Really happy with the results :)

- Laura Wilson

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I have always found it to be a big challenge to understand what do I get for the money I spend on marketing. RonStone was really clear on this upfront. Appreciate your integrity. Recommend them to everybody who wants a no bullshit partner.

- Christa Sawyer

Tyler was really helpful in answering all our questions and helping us on every step of the way. Thanks man!

- Damion Schwartz
I absolutely hate it when somebody pushes too hard for me to buy something. Thank you for not doing that :) Ended up going with the full service plan. Amazing results!

- Susan Peck

I asked around in my crowdfunding community group for a reliable marketing partner. RonStone got so many good recommendations so I decided to try them out. Great decision! Definitely recommend them if you want good results.

- Alexis Bernard
Wasted over 2500$ on Facebook ads that didn't make any difference to my campaign... Then RonStone contacted me and we did a social outreach to influencers. This brought 142 pledges to my campaign!!! If you want real results for your money then these guys are the real deal.

- Rochelle Foster

My husband and I were a bit sceptical at first as it is our first Kickstarter, but decided to take the full service offering as we don't know any marketing ourselves. Are we glad we trusted RonStone! Scott and his team provided much more than we expected. Thank you so so much for helping our dream come true!

- Dana Hurley